"Call Me Royal" - Bulky Thick and Thin

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"Call Me Royal" - Bulky Thick and Thin
"Call Me Royal" - Bulky Thick and Thin
Own a piece of the finest New Zealand wool!
This is 100grams/3.5oz of hand spun, hand-dyed 100% Merino from the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. 
Dying blue on white allows the texture to shine through the Merino, giving the colour a sense of depth and fullness (and it feels so good in the hand!). The fiery orange mohair and sparkly angelina fibres impart a sense of royal prestige to the already royal Merino wool, hence this project's name: "Call Me Royal".
Mellissa says: "Pair it with a string of pearls and wear them around the neck for an easy, but beautiful instant cowl!"
Mellissa only makes one-of-a-kind editions so that your projects remain unique to you. Once it's gone, it's gone. So if you like "Call Me Royal", treat yourself and buy it!

100% NZ Merino


Angelina Fibres 

54 metres / 59 yards

110grams / 3.5oz

N.B We colour grade the photos and put them through several reference monitors to give the most accurate depiction of the colours available.