"Ice Lolly" - Coiled Plied Textured Yarn

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"Ice Lolly" - Coiled Plied Textured Yarn
"Ice Lolly" - Coiled Plied Textured Yarn
Own a piece of the finest New Zealand wool!
These 15 metres / 16 yards of coiled goodness is hand spun, hand-dyed Gotland from the famous South Island of New Zealand. Going with the fun colours of hot pink, lime green, and sun yellow, it reminds us of the colours of an ice block (or ice lolly, or ice pop) that we ate during our youthful days of summer!
"Weave this into your scarf project, or even use it in your own handmade cushion covers!"
Mellissa only makes one-of-a-kind editions so that your art projects remain unique to you. Once it's gone, it's gone. So if you like "Ice Lolly", treat yourself and buy it!
100% Gotland Wool
15 metres / 16 yards
125 grams / 4.4 oz
N.B We colour grade the photos and put them through several reference monitors to give the most accurate depiction of the colours available.