"That Orange & Teal Look" - Merino 'Beehives' Yarn

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"That Orange & Teal Look" - Merino 'Beehives' Yarn
"That Orange & Teal Look" - Merino 'Beehives' Yarn
Own a piece of the finest New Zealand wool!
This 100g/3.5 oz of 100% Merino 'beehive' is from the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. 
Using the hand-picked colours of orange, blue, and fuschia, the wool was dyed without complete saturation. The tufts of white you can see within this project give the mix of colours more depth and dimension. The depth, dimension, and trio of colours a reminiscent of the colours used in Hollywood movies to give it a cinematic quality, hence, we call it "That Orange and Teal Look".

"Add this to the edges of shawls for a stylish flair!"
Mellissa only makes one-of-a-kind editions so that your projects remain unique to you. Once it's gone, it's gone. So if you like "That Orange & Teal Look", treat yourself and buy it!

100% NZ Merino

30 metres / 32 yards

110grams / 3.9oz

N.B We colour grade the photos and put them through several reference monitors to give the most accurate depiction of the colours available.