"Purple Embrace" - Super Bulky Yarn

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"Purple Embrace" - Super Bulky Yarn
"Purple Embrace" - Super Bulky Yarn
Calling all purple lovers out there!
This skein is hand spun, hand-dyed Merino from the famous South Island of New Zealand. 
The range of purple is immediately apparent as your eyes explore the skein. The dark shade known as 'royal purple' slowly transitions towards a bright pink tone (heliotrope for you colour geeks out there!), giving the bulkiness of the yarn a visual depth. Rainbow 'eyelashes' are added to help appreciate the variations in the purple more clearly, and it also gives it an extra pizzazz.
"Try making a funky hat with this one!"
Mellissa only makes one-of-a-kind editions so that your projects remain unique to you. Once it's gone, it's gone. So if you like "Purple Embrace", treat yourself and buy it!
100% Merino
approx 22 metres / 24 yards
125 g / 4.4 oz